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Before installing AFP Printer, make sure that you have Windows Print Spooler service enabled. This service is by default enabled by Microsoft Windows, and it is required by AFP Printer as well as required by all Inkjet and Laserjet printers.


To enable the Print Spooler service, just click Start->Run, and type in the following command,


SC.EXE start Spooler


The file name of the installer for AFP Printer is AFPPrinter_Setup.exe. And the installer installs an evaluation copy of the AFP Printer for users to try for up to 15 days.


To facilitate the installation, you are required to log on Microsoft Windows as Administrator or a Power User with the rights to install software. After you download AFPPrinter_Setup.exe from the web or obtain the file from a 3rd-party source, you need to right-click on the file, and choose 'Run As Administrator' on Microsoft Windows 7 and later operating systems to ensure that the installer is executed with elevated privilege so that installation won't fail.


The file name 'AFPPrinter_Setup.exe' is for the trial version of the AFP Printer, and the one for the full retail version differs.