Updates for AFP Server

All updates are free of charge for registered users and licensed customers. This section will be updated regularly, and update notifications will be sent via e-mail to registered users and licensed customers.

Products Update Information

The latest version of AFP Server is 1.22.   All users are suggested to upgrade to this version.

Utilities and Tools

AFP Printer Driver Removal Tool                                              Download (102KB)

AFP Printer Driver Deployment Utility                                       Download (626KB)

Setup Prerequisites

Some customers report the AFP Server installer fails to install the AFP Printer on Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 R2, and Microsoft Windows XP. After investigation, we have found that the installer fails to create the IPDSPort port due to a privilege issue on these operating systems when a LoadDriver privilege is not granted. Therefore, we release a setup prerequisites program to troubleshoot such issues. You need to log on Windows as Administrator or Power User to install this program.

AFP Server Prerequisites Setup                                         Download (490KB)


Copy AFP File Plugin, Upload AFP File Plugin, Log AFP File Plugin, Print AFP File Plugin, Mail AFP File Plugin are integrated into AFP Server. We update the plug-ins whenever our customers report issues.

Convert To PDF Plug-in                                                      Download  (401KB)

This AFP to PDF conversion plug-in gives each AFP file 10 seconds to get itself converted to PDF. Based on the feedback of some customers, if an AFP overlay, page segment, or document is more complicated or larger in size, the default timeout count, 10 seconds, are not enough. Therefore, no PDF file is created for the AFP file. As a workaround, we set the timeout to 60 seconds. You can download this ConvertToPDF.exe file, and replace the one in your install folder (usually C:\Program Files\AFP Server).

Manual and Help

Online Version just the same as what has been included with AFP Server

No update available




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