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Preset Programs

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AFP Server comes with several preset programs, such as SendMail, Logging, PrintFile, UploadFile, CopyFile, and ConvertToPDF. These programs perform certain tasks as post-processing options. After your AFP doc is created the post-processing program is to be launched.


You can select the post-processing program from the drop-down list of Preset Program, and click Configure.. button to generate the Parameter line by setting up several options in the Configuration Dialog.







SendEmail.exe -t -s -xu user -xp pass -a "%f" -u "subject" -m "Sent by AFP Server" -f

LogTo.exe %f "c:\test\myLogfile.txt"

PrintFileTo.exe %f "PrinterName"

FTPTo.exe %f "" /InitDir" "df" "pass" -DeleteFile

CopyFileTo.exe %f "C:\Destination Folder" -DeleteFile

ConvertToPDF.exe %f "c:\pdf folder" -DeleteFile