Frequently Asked Questions

Using AFP Printer / AFP Server 

      I need an AFP Printer Driver that works on Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11. Do you have it ?

           AFP Printer supports both Microsoft Windows 11 and Windows 10 64-bit and 32-bit. Windows 8 and Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit are supported as well.  

      Why some fonts are not converted correctly in the final AFP document ?

           You need to specify the correct font substitution so as to make your fonts correctly converted in the AFP document. A common practice is to stick with basic fonts. You documents are suggested to use the most commonly-used fonts, such as Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, Sans Serif, Times Roman, New Times Roman, Courier, Courier New, Symbol, and ZapfDingbats.

      Why full color images are lost when I convert my documents to AFP files?

           You can try the conversion on Windows XP 32-bit operating system or Windows 7 32-bit operating system or Windows 10 32-bit operating system. On Windows 64-bit OS some image information might not be correctly passed from the host application (the application where printing command is issued) to the AFP Printer.

      Can I use the AFP Printer as a shared printer across my company's network ? 

           No, AFP Printer doesn't support printer sharing. You have to install the AFP Printer on each computer. If you are looking for a server-based product, and you are suggested to use AFP Server.

      How to define customer paper size ?      

           When you are to confirm a printing job, please click the button "Property", and then click the button "Printing Preferences" of AFP  Printer, select the last item "User Defined" in the drop down list of Paper Size:,  and then click  "User Defined..." button. You may enter the height and width of your custom paper in inches or in millimeters.

      How can I keep the paper size and page orientation in AFP Printer as the default settings ?

           To adjust the paper size and orientation settings, you can run the following command in Start->Run,

           rundll32.exe printui.dll, PrintUIEntry /e /n "AFP Printer"

           Or you can go to your Control Panel->Printers and Devices (only on Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/2008/2012) or Control Panel->Printers and Faxes (only on Windows 2000/XP/2003), and right-click on the "AFP Printer", and then choose "Printing Preferences". In the Printing Preferences dialog, you change the Paper Size and Orientation.

      Can I change the output type of the AFP Printer, for example, to output page segment ?      

           Of course, you can change the output type of the AFP documents among Document, Page Segment, Medium Overlay, and Overlay. Just double-click AFP Printer Configuration Tool on your desktop, and make adjustment.

      Do AFP Printer and AFP Server support Unicode, Eastern European and Asian languages ?

           Certainly yes. However, you should define font substitutions appropriately; Or you would get blank characters or a series of question marks.

      I have IBM AS400 and iSeries. Can I install AFP Printer and/or AFP Server ?

           Absolutely, AFP Printer and AFP Server have been thoroughly tested on IBM Mainframe, AS400, iSeries.

      Can you show me how to convert TIFF images to AFP files ?

           We have created a tutorial for you to convert TIFF to AFP.

      I want to convert PDF to AFP document and convert AFP to PDF back. How ?

           We have created a tutorial for you to convert PDF to AFP, and to convert AFP to PDF. Hope it helps!

      How to convert images to AFP page segment and overlays ?
           JPG to AFP Conversion              TIFF to AFP Conversion
           BMP to AFP Conversion             XPS to AFP Conversion



      I got the error message 'Port Deleted', and no AFP Printer is added to my printer list. Why?      

           Please restart your computer, and then install the AFP Printer software again. This is usually caused by incomplete uninstall of the previously installed copy of AFP Printer or AFP Server.

      How to remove AFP Printer from my computer ?

           Sometimes users may delete the software files directly from their Program Files folder, instead of uninstalling from their Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs and this will cause problems such as leaving unwanted files in your system. Please install the software again, and then remove it from the Control Panel.

      I received 'Your evaluation has expired' after I install the software. Why?

          Your evaluation period is over, and you have to purchase a license if you wish to continue using the software.



      Can I install AFP Printer on two computers with only one license?      

           AFP Printer is licensed on a per computer basis, and you need to purchase one license for each computer. If you have two users on the same computer, just one license is enough.

      We have about 100 users to access the AFP Server. Which license shall we purchase?      

           AFP Server is licensed on a per server basis. All you have to purchase is one AFP Server license. You don't have to buy client licenses.

      Is the licensing fee a one-time fee? Does it include support?      

           Yes, it's a one-time fee. You pay for the license only once, and you get free upgrades in the future and enjoy our premium support service.


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